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Make Money Online: How To Make $60 Per Sale & Make Money Online With This Done For You Strategy

How would you like to potentially earn in commissions? The best part about this is everything is done for you and I'm going to show you exactly how you can do this in this video.

What's going on guys welcome back to another video. 

In this video, I'm going to show you how to make money online and get around about 60 dollars per sale not only that this is an actual done-for-you system and I'll show you exactly what that means in a second. 

Now in this tutorial, there are a few simple steps and I'm going to take you through every single step so you don't miss any information so make sure you stay all the way to the end so you don't miss anything. You know exactly how you can go and do this particular method online today and in this tutorial, you're going to get access to all of the tools that you need to make this work we're going to go over everything that you need so you don't need to go and create your own content or anything like that you're going to get everything that you need and start implementing the information in this tutorial. 

Now, what can you expect from this tutorial today I'm going to show you exactly how this works how you can get started how to get the tools that you need to actually do this and how you could potentially get commissions paid to you if you follow this training but as always guys to make money online you need to put in work yourself what I can do is I can show you how this stuff works and it's up to you to go and implement these strategies so you can go and make money online.

So these are educational videos to show exactly how this stuff works but the results will depend on how much work you are willing to put in so let's jump into this video right now and I'll show you exactly how you can make money online with this method.

All right guys so the first step you want to do with this method is you want to head over to a website called Clickbank.com.

Now with Clickbank, it is a website where you can find affiliate marketing products to promote and it's one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks on the planet. 

You can scroll down and find all of the information that you need about this particular website if you haven't heard of it before what you want to do is you want to click start here and you want to go and sign up for your own account and what you can do is you can skip this quick start guide and you can go through and sign up for an account once you sign up for an account you'll be taken to a place called the marketplace so make sure you click on the marketplace in the top of the menu there once you're on the marketplace go into the search section so you can do things like top offers and all that sort of stuff.

But what I've done in this video is I've found an offer that has everything we need to go out and start getting affiliate marketing commissions so what you want to do is you want to type in his then what's going to happen is a product is going to come up that's called his secret obsession incredible conversions for female cold traffic now the good thing about this is it's for a female audience and there's lots of places where we can go and get specific female audience targeted traffic now this usually gives out around about an average of sixty dollars per sale, uh so you would make around about so at the moment you would make around fifty seven dollars commission per sale that you send and this is a really really good product because it has everything that we need to do. 

So what you want to do is you want to click on the affiliate page and get approved and then once you're actually approved you can come to this page here where you can get everything that you need to go and promote this specific product like literally everything that's why this is done for you because you don't have to go and create any of the content if you don't want to all of the content is here on the affiliate page so these guys essentially pay a commissions on the front and back in sales and they have what is called a two to five dollar epc earnings per click so you could essentially expect to earn around about two to five dollars however this is an educational videoI'm not sure if you will earn that it depends on the work that you put in so what we need to do first is we need to do a few things to get set up so you can start making money with this what we want to do first is we want to go and create what we call a landing page so we can collect emails okay so if we actually click on this and go to the sales page it's got this video here and what will happen is once the video is finished there will be a buy button or there'll be like a button where people can put in their email and then purchase the product right so probably click on that it'll click the email what we want to do is we want to is we want to go and create an email system first so we actually have everything that we need here so we've got all of the emails that we need to go and create a quick email system and essentially go and send out emails to emails that we're going to collect so let's start with step one we need to create what we call a landing page now these guys actually have landing pages that you can use but the problem is you can't send directly to these landing pages most of the time and you want to collect your own emails so what i recommend you do is go to a website or something similar to this called clickfunnels.com and on clickfunnels we can actually create our own similar page like this so what i've actually gone and done is I this is one of my pages here where people put in their email okay you can actually get this for free in the description below and you can go and edit this as you like and I would recommend making it similar to something like this so something similar to this okay so this is click funnels right here and then you can actually go and edit this page I'll show you right here and you can make it look like whatever you want 

Okay now what I'm going to actually do so you can edit this and you can do whatever you want but what i've done is in the description I've actually left you a tutorial section where you can go through and I have tutorials on how you can actually create these funnels okay it's much better than trying to do it in this video because it can take a little bit of time but the first step is you want to go and create some sort of landing page that looks like this so we can go out and collect emails now the next step is we want to go ahead and download the custom pdf reports okay the reason why we're doing this is because we're going to be giving away these for free in the email back end so go and create these custom pdf reports and then you want to put in your um your id so your clickbank id and then you want to go create your personalized pdf report and download that report and what we're going to be doing is we're going to be giving this away to people that put in their email so we're not going to be sending people to the offer straight away and you could potentially make sales within that pdf as well so I'm just gonna actually see if this will work without putting anything in it probably won't yes I must put in my um my id so I'll just put in a random one and we'll go here and we'll go to generate okay so now it's giving me a custom pdf that I can go and click and go ownload to my desktop okay and what we want to do is we want to give this away for free so now let's move on to the next step the next step once you've set up your landing page you have downloaded one of these books you want to go and we need to set up some email marketing okay so I use a platform called get response you can get links to all of these down below these are affiliate links I would get a commission now inside get response what we want to do is we want to set up something like this now this does look a little bit complicated right now but don't worry it's actually very simple and this is a complicated one you don't need to do them this complicated at all so what you want to do is you want to set up something like this and this is called an automation system where you where someone comes onto your list where someone comes from your list that you have so you have opt-in page and they you can send them out emails automatically you can send emails to them automatically whether they've opened them or not and you can really customize how you send people content so what you want to do is you want to go create an automated system like this what i've done as well in this tutorial page you can go and watch for free I have a full tutorial showing you exactly how you can set all of this up it's a  minute tutorial showing you everything you need to know to go and set up the system so once you've gone and set up a landing page once you have downloaded the book once you have set this up so it automatically sends out the book what you need to do then is you need to go and create multiple emails inside the system so what you're going to be doing is go and watch this and what I recommend you do is set up five to eight emails the first email is going to be the one where you send the book but then the next day you're going to start to send the offer so go and copy these emails they have nine maybe do like five go and copy these emails and then create the automated system by simply putting them in there and sending out the emails every single day once again I show you how to do all of that in this tutorial how to set up the domains how to set up the emails like here's all the text and everything and how to do everything that you need to do very simple strategy but the thing is everything is here that you need you don't need anything to you know you don't need to really create anything yourself you can tweak stuff but most of it is here that you can use all right now once you have your email set up you also want to make sure that where it says the a custom affiliate link here you want to put in your own affiliate link in the emails and that's when people gonna click through to the specific product this is really important you want to make sure your own affiliate link is in there and to do that you just click promote on here and it will give you a custom affiliate link that you can use to put into this section here when you put your emails in your automated email system now the next step you're probably wondering about is once you've set up the landing page so once again like I mentioned everything is here that you can use so once you set up the landing page once you set up the emails and you're ready to start sending traffic where do you actually get the traffic so the good thing about this particular product is it has everything we need now keep in mind the main traffic demographic for this product is going to be woman okay you need to understand that first so we need to go and find where women hang out the most now the best place to find a woman audience for this particular product is going to be instagram and pinterest okay we'll come back to these examples in a second what you can do is you can actually go to images and video ads and they have instagram images and pinterest images so I'm going to go instagram images real quick and what they've got here and you can download these in full resolution is instagram images that you could potentially that you could potentially use now keep in mind you are going to have to start creating your own.

later on. 

These are just here to get you started and what you want to do is you want to go and create so this is their actual account and you want to go and create a similar account to this so you can see they post their images and videos but what they do is they have a link right here at the bottom this is their link so in here would be your link going to that page that you create where you can collect emails their own page that you created and what you're going to be doing is using instagram as a lead generation machine now once you've run out of images to use you can post the same ones again if you like but you can also go to fiverr.com and you can get some instagram images made from people on fiverr if you like some people these are mostly advertising images but a lot of them will do them for really really cheap I used to get images made for under a dollar each so go through fiverr and you should be able to find someone who can continue on making new images like this and then also they have pinterest images as well that you can use so that's all good but how do you actually get traffic you can go and post photos on instagram doesn't mean you're going to get any traffic there's a few ways you can do this first of all you can go into google and you can put higher instagram influencers and you can go out and you can use platforms like this to find influences yes this will cost you a little bit of money but find influences to do shout-outs for you on Instagram and build up your followers. 

Now you also don't need to do this you can just keep posting content and you should organically grow over time but if you want to give it a bit of a boost you can use systems and softwares like this and here's another one here called hype auditor and then here's another one here called collabster which is a really good one so you can see you can find so the best thing about this right is you can find people in a specific niche an audience so you can go for female influences because obviously a lot of people that follow those influences are going to be female then what you can also do is you can go to places like fiverr and put an influencer marketing for example and there's actually influences on here or or influencer managers that have a huge list of influences where you can go and promote on those as well get shout outs for your instagram so this is a great way to go and do this now with pinterest traffic it's a little bit different this is um this is a really good example so you want to go and create something similar to this where they're posting um female stuff and all that sort of stuff now what they do is a little bit different so they instead of having a page where they collect emails they have a blog called her way and they do articles based on women's relationships and things like that and they promote that product and and other products in the blog now keep in mind this works the same way as sending people to your email collection page or you can do a blog if you like as well but the point of showing you this is to show you what is possible.

So this herway.net so you would have your link right here like they do they get  million monthly views which is insane just by posting this type of content so you can go and use pinterest I would probably recommend pinterest over instagram if you're if you just want to do one because pinterest has a massive demographic of a woman it completely outweighs men on pinterest now once you have pinterest going and you've got some images going you can either use the images from from here or you can go and get your own created on fiber you want to go and sorry you want to just keep posting keep posting but you want to use a platform called tailwind and then you can automatically set up to post images over and over again on a schedule and you can also re-pin other people's pins and this accelerates the growth of your pinterest account so the main goal here is to create that landing page by using the information that that they have create those emails and then go and use their images to get started creating an instagram or a pinterest or both to build up a little community of followers who will start clicking your link where you can collect emails and then you're gonna make money in the back end in the e mail system that you can find a full tutorial on in the description below alright guys that's how you can go and create this done for you system using the product called his secret obsession. This is how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

Make Money Online: 7 Money-Saving Content-Marketing Tricks Every Marketer Should Try

 With the right strategy, a marketer can easily enjoy the amazing benefits of content marketing.

 Some of these benefits are more traffic, a better reputation, and continuous growth in both traffic and reputation in the long run with only a little increase in the budget. 

With entrepreneurship, costing and keeping the marketing budget within the limit is really important.

Though content marketing is very popular due to its cost-efficiency, it is not free or cheap. Investing heavily in an internal employee or respectable external firm is necessary to produce excellent work and execute a high-quality strategy. 

And always keep in mind that in marketing, an effective brand design is necessary too to keep your audience hooked.

Fortunately, a marketer can still cut costs without having to sacrifice the campaign quality with the help of some money-saving tricks. Below are the strategies found to be incredibly useful by many marketers.

1. Reusing old content.
For some, this is not a good idea. But honestly, it will only be bad if the old content is reused in the wrong way. If for example, a marketer has a successful 'evergreen topic' blog post that he posted two years ago. Since the content of this blog stays fresh and can attract lots of traffic, it wouldn't hurt if he will revisit and re-post such an article.

Evidently, reposting the same article say every month will not give him new results. His possible option is waiting for a year or two before reposting, he could even get away with a full republication.

If in case he decides to repost a blog of his with an evergreen content but without waiting for it to turn one year old, he can do so by changing the headline, reorganizing the internal sections, or editing the body content to give the article a new "look." He just needs to ensure that the URL where it was initially published is the same or else, he might lose the SEO equity that the article has already built up.

2. Re-envisioning content in new mediums
A marketer can convert his successful article to different mediums such as infographics or video highlights. He can also use certain snippets of his article and share it on social media as a tweet or a Facebook posts. Reimagining new ways to republish an old but effective blog will definitely help in cutting content-marketing costs.

3. Don't stop at content publication, move forward with content promotion.
Content marketing starts with idea brainstorming and content creation, editing, and publication. But successful marketers do not stop and think that their job is done after publishing their articles, they go beyond that and promote their content.

Eric Siu, an Entrepreneur contributor, and Single Grain CEO mentioned that a marketer should spend 20% of his time creating content and 80% on promoting content. One can start by showcasing his work across his social media channels and move along by sending paid ads to it, conducting influencer marketing, submitting it to StumbleUpon or Reddit, and building internal links to it

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Radha_Krishna/2585492

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10002452

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Make Money Online: 7 Best Clickbank Products In 2022 That Make Money Online $100 A Day! (Promote These Now)

What's going on guys welcome back to another video in this video I'm going to show you the best Clickbank products that you can promote in 2022. 

Now every single year I go through the best products and find the ones that not only pay out the best but that are actually selling right now you can make money from. 

Now I've been using Clickbank for many years and I know the exact products that work and the exact products that people are selling right now every single one of these products I'm either making money from or people that I know are making money from these right now so you're going to want to stay tuned I've made plenty of money with affiliate marketing and know exactly what products are the best products right now.

Now if you have no idea what Clickbank is it's a network where you can find products to promote so you find products then you promote them and there's a little link that will track every single sale and you get a commission that's what Clickbank is about and I have lots of tutorials on my channel on how you can make money with Clickbank.

In this video, I'm going to show you the best products that you can promote right now before we jump into this video we're still doing the course giveaway. 

So let's jump into this video I will show you the best Clickbank products and I'm even going to show you one that pays over four hundred in commissions so make sure you stay tuned to watch that one. 

All right guys so let's get into our first Clickbank product right here now what I've done is I've picked the best Clickbank products based on a few criteria now this one right here is one of the best clink bank products online right now and it's a brand new one to the marketplace that hasn't been up for very long now.

What I'm going to be doing in this video is choosing the best products based on a few things, for example, this one has what we call an affiliate page. 

Now this is really important when you're trying to find a Clickbank product because the affiliate page gives you everything you need to go and make money with the specific products for example we can go and get images we can get email swipes, we can install a pixel, we can get custom links. 

You want to make sure there's some sort of affiliate page because that's going to help you make more money with Clickbank when you start promoting these specific products, okay so this is this product right here and you eighty-five revenue share on this so this product here is a high paying product and you can make around about one hundred forty-nine per commission and this has a gravity of which means there's a lot of people making money with this now the best way to promote this specific product and you can actually find everything you need in their affiliate page is by Facebook ads google ads and youtube ads and what we call review blogs so a review blog I'll show you what that looks like. 

So this is a review blog right here let me show you right here this is a pretty bad example but what this is this is a review on the product and it will show up in google based on specific keywords so people go out and actually search for this particular product and there these people have their affiliate links inside right here and buy now where people would click it purchase and then this person would make a commission so that is what we call review blogs so these are the best four ways in my opinion if you don't have any money do a review blog otherwise my number one pick would be Facebook ads then google ads then youtube ads then the read your blogs if you don't have any money to run advertising now the next product is in the make money online space and this also has an affiliate page. 

Now this product has been around for some time but it has just been updated now the best way to make money with this product is via solo ads which you can find lots of videos on youtube and how to do that I even have some myself youtube and then also review blogs as well now for the youtube one you want to do videos on how to make money and things like that kind of like this channel right here and then you can recommend this specific product called perpetual income which is on Clickbank and you can find it on there and they pay a whopping four hundred forty four average conversion to you for every sale you make that's insane but right now this is one of the best products to promote in the make money online space in Clickbank in the Clickbank marketplace now the next one is back in the health niche and this is the next one down from the last health bomb we talked about and this is essentially pretty similar they have an affiliate page and then they have a one hundred twenty three commission. 

Now, these are the one now the health ones I showed you first, and then these ones are pretty much the top two in the health niche that you want to promote if you are looking to promote health products go to the affiliate page you get everything you need. 

Landing pages ads everything you need to promote these that's why they are the top products in the health space on Clickbank once again Facebook ads google ads youtube ads and review blogs like I said the best thing about these is they give you everything you need like the articles the landing pages the ads the videos whatever you need they usually supply it and that's why these are very good products to promote and they're at the top on the Clickbank marketplace now the next one is one of my favorites that I've made some pretty good money in. 

In the past, I don't know but I have in the past and this is called ted's woodworking plans now this has a fifty-nine average commission it has an affiliate page but the unique thing about this is there is another way that you can promote this to make money and that's on tick-tock and Instagram if we look at this tick-tock example right here woodworking three sixty-five you'll see it says click below to for over sixteen hundred blueprints they are promoting this product here from Clickbank sixteen hundred plans or blueprints and then they click on the link and they go to this now most of these are not this guy's videos he's reposting other people's videos for the content to get people to go to his profile and then he is promoting this specific product, okay the woodworking product and all you need to do this is really the best way to do this one is TikTok and Instagram. 

go on go and check out this guy's um profile right here on tick-tock to see exactly how you can do this and you can also find tutorials on youtube on how to promote this specific product once again they have an affiliate page for everything you need to promote this product this is called Ted's Woodworking Plans. 

The next one is called umurologist.com and this pays a lower commission however the reason I've picked this one is that I do know it's a very popular product where people do make quite a bit of commission with this I know someone who's making very very good money with this right now once again they have an affiliate page for everything that you need now with this specific product okay blogs and youtube videos are the best you can go out on youtube and research just go put in this here numerologists.com you can find loads of content about this and see what people are doing, however, this the blogs and youtube are the best methods. 

Now if we look down at Facebook ads Facebook is actually a really good method as well but using what we call quiz pages there are lots of tutorials on Youtube that will show you exactly how you can set that up and make quiz pages as well so you can promote this specific product but you've got to remember there's a top product in every single niche it really depends on what type of niche you want to focus on now the next one is one of my favorites this is an evergreen product that is always constantly selling it's always selling I use it as well in my business now this gives a commission of to average of twenty-two. 

The commission is a little bit low but they have an affiliate page more importantly scribble is a very well-known worldwide brand and people make huge amounts of money selling this so they've done over four million dollars in sales the epcs are dollars means for every single click you send you could earn an average of so earnings per click forty-eight per click that's insane they have lots of upsells as well now blog traffic is the best for this youtube traffic is the best for this and if you have an email list maybe send it out to your email list like for example youtube traffic. 

I used to make money with this you can do youtube videos on how to make ebooks because what this product does is it creates ebooks for people so that could potentially be an angle that you could hit on youtube you can also do blog traffic on how to make ebooks how to make ebook covers and things like that and you could promote this specific product so this is called scribble and this is on Clickbank.com and you can go and promote this right now by clicking promote and this is one of the top software on the Clickbank marketplace right now this one here is if you're in the e-commerce space and this is a pretty good commission one hundred eleven on average and they have an affiliate page now what this is is this is a wholesale and drop shipping directory so there's no real specific way you could you should go and promote this like just don't go randomly promote it. 

This is more for people who already have an eCommerce blog or they want to start an e-commerce blog or an e-commerce youtube channel if you already have one of those or if you want to start one you could potentially promote this in the future this is called Salehoo successful drop shippers have reliable suppliers now you do too the thing is with drop shipping as Ali-express can be a pain sometimes so people want more suppliers and Salehoo offers a big directory full of suppliers that people could be interested in and they pay out an average of a hundred and eleven dollars so if you have access to some of these a blog or a channel you want to start one this could potentially be a great product for you to promote all right guys so those are seven of the best Clickbank products that are selling right now that I would recommend you could go and sell and potentially make money online.

Make Money Online: Unique Tips to Make Money Online

 Making money online is not a magic or secret nowadays. 

You just need to know some techniques. 

Suppose you have writing skills then why cannot you earn from the power of your mind? 

You can start writing reviews and articles on specific sites.

For example, you can try HubPages for earning money online. 

There are different ways to earn online from this platform. You can avail the ad programs on this site without any investment. You can meet with a lot of advertisers who want to publish their ads. You can offer them your own website or blog for this purpose. You ought to produce original content which is the very first requirement for all hubs. Now simply look at the easy strategies that can bring money to your doorstep.

  • Amazon

Everybody has heard this word many times. Now, you just need to write some keywords that are related to your hubs. Let us say this in another way. You have made a hub regarding dog food. Now, you will have to write some keywords that should have a connection with the dog stuff. The final step will be to have affiliates related to your subject. In this way, you can increase the sales volume through the hubs.

  • eBay

It is also a very famous site for online buying and selling. Millions of dollars are being exchanged every year through such kinds of websites. It works like Amazon. You just write some keywords that should explain your specific hub. After it you can see the results from the hub pages.

  • AdSense

You can earn in two ways from Hubs through impressions and clicks for the ads that are on the hubs. People come and see the ads and you get paid. So, now you will know the need of traffic flow too.

  • Chitika

It is also something like AdSense. You get the amount at the end of the month in return for total impressions and clicks for the ads displaying on the Hubs.

  • Ad programs

This is a new technique to generate revenue via working at home. You are asked to mention local and national tax information if you use the platform of hub pages. It is an effective tool to get a handsome amount in the end.

So, by writing product reviews you can charge per word from the advertisers. Bloggers can also offer their own rates for the referral links on the blogs. That is the easy and attractive way to get money with writing skills. To read more you can check the following link.

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Hammad_Tahir/1426318

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